Health and Fitness Webinar Series

Archived Webinars

March 2019Fitness Options for your Athletes
April 2019Engaging Athletes and Athlete Leaders
May 2019Healthy Athletes on the Road
June 2019Clinical Directors the and Referral Database
July 2019Chester's Off-season Fitness Regime
August 2019Working with Nervous or Anxious Athletes
September 2019Eating Healthy at Competitions
October 2019Sensory Processing Disorder
November 2019Healthy Ways to Enjoy the Holiday Season
December 2019Healthy Kids at Play
February 2020Unified Sports Fitness Clubs
March 2020Healthy Athletes at Area Summer Games - Tips to Engage Athletes
April 2020Health Messengers in the Age of COVID-19
May 2020Mental and Emotional Wellness during COVID-19
June 2020What If We Didn't Have Special Olympics Health?
July 2020Tips to Fight Back COVID-19
August 2020Virtual Programming Updates, Fall 2020
September 2020 Florida Blue - Virtual and Community Resources
October 2020 Video Conferencing: Platforms and How to Use Them
November 2020 Inspiration:  Success Stories from the Last 8 Months
December 2020
February 2021
How to Maintain a Healthy Weight
March 2021
Mental Health and COVID
April 2021
Emergency Preparedness
May 2021
Effects of Media Representation of People with Disabilities on Self-Confidence
June 2021
Sensory Disorders and Providing Accommodations
July 2021
MedFest Updates and Resources
August 2021
Interesting and Helpful Health and Fitness Apps
September 2021
Practicing Self Care
October 2021
Catching Up on your Medical Care
December 2021
Be a Little Bit Better
March 2022
Tips for hydration from Dallas McClain, Health Messenger
April 2022
How to get the most out of wearable fitness devices
May 2022
Interview with inclusive gym owner, Equally Fit
September 2022
Diabetes Mellitus
April 2023
How to Help Special Olympics Florida Health Grow
December 2023
Aging Athletes
March 2024
Internet Safety