National Coaches Day

Today, October, 6, is National Coaches Day. We celebrate and thank the incredible coaches who share their time and talents with the athletes of Special Olympics Florida. Coaches have an enormous impact on the lives of our athletes. They become role models, mentors and, often, lifelong friends.

Coaches make the work of Special Olympics Florida possible, building powerful connections with athletes that extend beyond the playing field. Despite all that they give, many coaches insist they get much more in return. Listen to Brevard County Surf Coach Ashley Nolan.  “My cheeks hurt from smiling when I get home every single Saturday after practice,” she says. “Once you’ve worked with these athletes and seen their smiles, you can’t live without it really.”

In celebration of Special Olympics Florida’s 50th anniversary, we are looking to recruit 50 new coaches. Are you ready to get involved? To help you learn more, we’ve created a series of webinars. You can find the schedule of webinars here.

Watch Spectrum News’ story on Special Olympics Florida and Ashley Nolan.