Please note: This listing is for the sole purpose of athletes, volunteers, donors and sponsors who would like to get involved in/with our program. This list is not to be used for any solicitation or surveys, but you are welcome to fill out our Contact Us Form one time only and select “state inquiry”.  Thank you!

Mary Albaugh Manager, Sports Administration, Area 5 813-422-8853
Berit Amlie Chief Administrative Officer 352-243-9536 x519
Jana Arnette
Sr. Director, Unified Champion Schools & Developmental Sports Programs
Stephanie Avitabile
Sr. Director, Development and Training
Mary Bishop Manager, Health, Northeast Region
Denise Breneman Manager, Civic Partnerships and Events
Connie Briggs Staff Accountant 352-243-9536 x526
Silvia Calderon Manager, Unified Champion City Schools 305-561-3934
Makenna Casebolt Regional Manager, Health, West Coast Region 813-484-6003
Ashley Cetin Director, Constituent Events, Northeast Region 352-978-1015
Ruth Coleman
Manager, Sports Training & Competition, Monroe County
Karen Colvin Manager, Executive Services and Data Analytics 352-243-9536 x527
Evan Combs Manager, Sports Training & Competition, Area 3 904-556-0855
Nick Cooper Manager, Delegation Services & Logistics 352-910-4148
Justin Copertino Sr. Regional Director
Angelo Cottman Coordinator, Unified Champion Schools 352-809-0405
Joshua Crump Sr. Manager, Community Engagement, Area 8 305-299-2958
Charlotte Day Director, Sports Training & Competition, Area 6 352-978-4027
Jacqueline Draizin Director, Development, South Region
Jackie Dryden Director, Partnerships & Events 352-231-2455
DJ Duckett Sr. Manager, Competition & Coaches Education 727-744-1692
Teresa Ehrman Sr. Director, Marketing & Communications 305-434-2866
Danielle Erblat Manager, Community Engagement, Area 8 352-931-5802
Claudia Estevez Manager, Community Engagement, Area 2 850-778-7572
Steven Estupinan Administrative Assistant, Miami-Dade
Manager, Partnerships & Cause Marketing 407-687-0550
Philip Farinacci Sr. Manager, Sports Training & Competition, Broward and Palm Beach
Brian Ford Manager, Corporate Partnerships and Events 727-601-7003
Erin Foster Manager, Unified Champion Schools & Developmental Sports Programs813-564-3759
Megan Gainey Analyst, Sports & Programs 352-213-7258
Marlene Genereux Director, Office and IT Services 352-243-9536 x524
Maryann Gonzalez Coordinator, Sports 352-243-9536
Adam Grams Regional Director, Central Region
Manager, Community Engagement, Area 6 352-361-7389
Bridget Hawk Sr. Manager, Sports Training & Competition, Area 2 850-207-9663
Shelley Henry Director, Competition and Statewide Sports Programs 863-934-0261
Ashley Hernandez Sr. Manager, Developmental Sports Programs, Area 6 352-250-8119
Danielle Hogan Director, Philanthropy 407-242-2938
Darin Homer Manager, Sports Administration, Area 6 727-294-5558
Jennifer Iler Manager, Foundation Relations 352-243-9536 x535
Deborah Jackson Manager, Community Engagement, Area 7 352-910-4147
Lindsay Jones Manager, Developmental Sports Programs, Areas 1, 2 & 3 352-988-4503
Danyelle Jones Manager, Sports Training & Competition, Area 5 813-392-8107
Maricruz JuradoRegional Manager, Health, Area 8 954-804-4330
Lenard Kemp Manager, Sports Training & Competition, Area 5 863-397-9775
Mary Kendle Manager, Developmental Sports Programs, Area 6 and Palm Beach 772-475-3588
Danielle Kent Sr. Manager, Unified Champion Schools, Health & Fitness 352-243-9536 x520
William Kleven Manager, Sports Administration, Broward954-295-7504
Chris LaBonte Manager, Sports Administration, Brevard and Indian River
Michelle Leonardo Manager, Sports Training & Competition, Broward 954-262-2150
Claudia Lequerica Manager, Developmental Sports Programs & Unified Champion City Schools, Miami 305-849-1841
Zachary Lerman Manager, Sports Administration, Miami-Dade 386-569-3806
Fran Lewis-MacHarg Data Management 352-243-9536 x540
Elisa Llodra Director, Development, South Region 786-848-0044
Jarrod LongManager, Sports Training and Competition, Area 6 352-973-1083
Zoe LoSasso Manager, Community Engagement, Area 4 904-307-4221
Ken Lynch Manager, Developmental Sports Programs, Area 7 941-545-4601
Blair Mackie Regional Manager, Health, Areas 1 & 2 850-778-7573
Leah Maloney Manager, Sports Training & Competition, Area 4 305-916-0438
Jenna Maringione Manager, Distinguished Events 352-243-9536 x341
Bernadette Martin Director, Sports Training & Competition, South Region
Kate Mazelin Sr. Director, Events 352-243-9536 x539
Meghan McLean Chief Operating Officer
Damien McNeil Regional Director, Northwest Region
Amanda McRae Manager, Developmental Sports Programs 352-243-9536 x515
BJ Mealy Sr. Director, Sports Operations 352-933-3720
Jennifer Miller Director, Health Programs 352-243-9536 x503
Louis Moya
Coordinator, Facility Operations & Logistics 352-435-5381
Laurie Moyson Director, Creative Services 352-243-9536 x525
Lori Newcomb Sr. Vice President of Corporate Partnerships and Cause Marketing 352-243-9536 x533
Chris Northan Manager, Sports Training & Competition 352-801-2577
Jill Olmstead Manager, Sports Training & Competition, Miami-Dade 305-608-7387
Jessica Ott Regional Director, West Coast Region 352-255-5168
Paula Ouimette Manager, Sports Administration, Area 3 and 4 352-340-7945
Cydnee Parsley Director, Health, Fitness and Inclusive Strategies 813-468-5970
Cameron PearsonManager, Law Enforcement Torch Run352-931-3556
Karen Peña Sr. Staff Accountant 352-243-9536 x507
Manager, Event Operations and Logistics352-801-2488
Janice Reardon Director, Foundation Relations 352-243-9536 x510
Haley Robbins Sr. Manager, Community Engagement, Area 6 813-450-4282
John Robles Manager, Volunteer and Event Services 352-988-7998
Savannah Rock Manager, Community Engagement, Area 5 689-348-0332
Mary Esther Romano Manager, Programs Support and Employee Relations 352-243-9536 x534
Ken Roop Director, Law Enforcement Torch Run 813-508-6905
Hannah Runacres Manager, Community Engagement, Area 3 352-933-1372
Katie Silliman Sr. Manager, Event Operations & Logistics 352-931-3555
Nancy Simpler Manager, Sports Administration, Area 1 850-525-3155
Tina Singh Manager, Board Relations and Stewardship 352-243-9536 x512
Linsey Smith Chief Development and Marketing Officer 305-972-8749
Jessica Stein Director, Volunteer and Event Services 352-978-7402
Michael Stone Sr. Manager, Community Engagement, Area 1 850-291-6234
Jim Stratton Director, Communications 352-630-3285
Cathy Tagliareni Manager, Sports Training & Competition, Area 6 352-809-2257
Callan Taylor Manager, Sports Training and Competition, Area 1 850-630-7560
Mark Thompson Director, Developmental Sports Programs, South Region 305-926-1124
Lauren Tingley Manager, Sports Administration, Area 3 352-910-6832
Savannah Townsend Manager, Constituent Events352-789-2789
Dane Vorbrich Manager, Sports Administration, Area 7 South 239-898-9227
Chad Weber Manager, Sports Training & Competition, Area 7 239-470-2241
Sherry Wheelock President & CEO 352-243-9536 x512
Erica Williams Front Office Receptionist/Data Entry Coordinator 352-243-9536
Terence Wimbley Sr. Manager, Sports Training & Competition, Area 8 407-271-3046
Sergio Xiques Regional Director, South Region 305-807-2268
Alan Young Sr. Vice President, Controller 352-243-9536 x509