Theme Announced for Spread the Word Campaign

Spread the Word - Take the Pledge

Today on International Day of Persons with Disabilities, the Spread the Word >> Inclusion campaign announced their theme for 2021: Connection. 

This past year, we have seen the harmful effects that isolation and exclusion can have on us individually, as a community, as a country, and as a global community. The physical lockdown, coupled with a renewed need for justice and equity, has had an adverse effect on our mental health and ultimately has led to exhaustion. We know too well, that if we are divided and isolated, it robs us the opportunity to learn and grow together.

These past several months Special Olympics taken the time to listen and learn from our communities around the world. The Spread the Word campaign was built on the idea that inclusion is a skill each of us can learn and practice, together.

At the very root of inclusion is the crucial need for connection. Connection is not only defined as a relationship built on an association, but a strength between individuals. A strength where two individuals can feel seen, heard, and valued. This upcoming year, Spread the Word >> Inclusion will explore the need for connection when it comes to practicing inclusion. And how both individuals with and without IDD need to be seen, heard, and valued in order to feel included.

Join us in building towards a more inclusive world by taking the pledge to include.