Transformational Support of the Agency for Persons with Disabilities

APD Cares
Did you know that the services offered by our Healthy Communities and Healthy Athletes initiatives are open to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities who aren’t Special Olympics Florida athletes?

Thanks to the Florida Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD), we provide health screenings across eight different disciplines, ensuring that people with ID and DD get needed vision and hearing care, dental care, foot care, and fitness advice. We offer strategies for healthy living, emotional wellness screenings, and even provide access to physical therapy.  

The programs are available to athletes and to anyone who is on APD’s iBudget Florida waiver waiting list. They are made possible by the longstanding support of APD. The agency has been a partner for more than 15 years.  

“The Agency for Persons with Disabilities has played an enormous role in the success of our Healthy Athletes and Healthy Communities initiatives,” said Special Olympics Florida President and CEO Sherry Wheelock. “Their support has been transformational, and we are incredibly grateful for their assistance.”  

“APD is proud to partner with Special Olympics Florida to provide health screenings to individuals on our waiver waiting list,” said APD Director Barbara Palmer. “These screenings can correct issues that may not have been identified yet or prevent other problems from developing with the appropriate medical or athletic equipment. I applaud Special Olympics Florida for all they do to serve people with disabilities in our state.”