Additional Information

  • The Hall of Fame is the highest honor Special Olympics Florida can bestow upon an individual or entity; all who vote will bear this in mind when rendering their decision(s) and will hold all nominees to standards that preserve the integrity of the Hall of Fame.
  • The Hall of Fame voting committee will be comprised of the following individuals:
    • SOFL Hall of Fame members
    • 10 current staff members of Special Olympics Florida, including the Executive Leadership Team (ELT). Eligible staff will be identified and chosen by the ELT. Being selected to this esteemed committee will be held in high regard within the organization.
    • Board of Directors
  • All members of the voting committee shall cast a vote for each presented Nominee. Each vote will be either YES, NO or ABSTAIN
  • A Nominee must receive 75% of the eligible votes (excludes ABSTAINED) of YES to be approved for induction into the Hall of Fame.
  • There will be no annual requirement to name Hall of Fame Nominees, nor will there be any annual requirement to induct a certain number of Nominees. There can be zero Nominees and/or Inductees in any given year.
  • Nominees who fall short and are not approved for induction, remain eligible for future consideration based on the merits of subsequent submissions.