Become A Volunteer

Special Olympics Florida relies on the time and dedication of thousands of volunteers each year.  Thank you for making a difference for the athletes we serve!  Whether you are a group or an individual, there is an opportunity available to volunteer. Volunteers have an opportunity to assist in a variety of programs at a local, regional and statewide level. Some opportunities require long-term commitments and specific skills.  Other opportunities require limited time commitments and less specific sports skills but are just as important to the overall success of the program.

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Volunteer Guidelines

There are two classifications for volunteers:
  • Class A: Individuals with 1-on-1 unsupervised contact with athletes, such as coaches, chaperones, speech coaches, mentors; individuals who have fundraising responsibilities; individuals authorized to speak on behalf of the organization; or individuals that will need credentials to access company equipment, information, and servers.  A criminal background check and Protective Behaviors Training are part of the registration process for all Class A volunteers.
  • Class B: Individuals who are day-of-event volunteers with no athlete supervisory responsibilities.  Class B Volunteers typically pre-register for a particular event, and then fill out the Class B form upon arrival at the venue to volunteer.  Please be prepared to show a photo ID when registering.
Volunteers of all ages are welcome, however, general volunteers must be at least 15 years of age, unless accompanied by an adult. Assistant coaches and sports volunteers must be at least 16 years of age and head coaches must be at least 18 years of age.

How to Get Involved

  • For specific information about opportunities in counties throughout Florida use the interactive map or region/county selector below, or contact us.
  • If you are interested in coaching, connect with the community engagement contact dedicated to your county or region using the interactive map or region/county selector below, prior to starting the Class A Volunteer Registration process.
  • Please read the Special Olympics Inc. Volunteer Screening Policy which was developed to safeguard our athletes and our volunteers.
  • All Class A volunteers 16 years of age and older must complete Protective Behaviors Training.

Once you have completed the necessary form, please email to the community engagement contact dedicated to your county or region using the interactive map or region/county selector.  They will help you begin your journey!